Growth Marketing and Advertising Consultant

Welcome to this amazing platform, where I share my personal experiences and suggestions about latest digital technologies that can empower your growth rate.

I believe everyday is a new beginning and it should end with a new learning. My ideologies, ever learning attitude and previous experiences has helped me deliver profitable growth rates to the companies I have worked with. Developing strategies in respect to the objectives identified and building a measurable roadmap are the keys to optimise growth rate.

Glimpse of Success:

  1. 200% sales increase in Marketplaces.
  2. 0 – 60,000+ Audience size for a Startup
  3. 100,000 € Portfolio budget for Digital Campaigns
  4. 25% monthly growth rate for an e-commerce Startup


As per my educational background, I hold a Bachelor’s in TeleCommunication Engineering and a Masters in International Business and Marketing, France. This amalgamation of technical mind set with marketing skills has helped me deliver great results for the companies.

In my Blogs, you will find topics related to Starting & Managing a Blog, WordPress, Social Media, SEO, Programmatic Advertising, Media trading, Facebook Advertising, Google Ads, Adsense, Doubleclick for Publishers and other digital technologies and trends, that can help you make a difference at your work or simply help you earn more money.