SEO Tips Hack Google RankBrain

SEO Tips Hack Google RankBrain

4 Tips for SEO HACK – How to hack Google RankBrain

Google keeps on updating its algorithm which is creating a SEO hassle for marketers how to rank the website organically. Google do updates because the algorithm is not perfect yet and by being perfect means providing the best user experience with the content being most relevant and sufficient for any reader. This means that if a user is landing at your website, he/she doesn’t have to go back to the search and visit other websites. You content should be Relevant and Sufficient for the user.

Google has now switched from updating its standard algorithm to improving its advanced Machine Learning AI technology to rank your website. Google calls it “RankBrain

Why Google has shifted to RankBrain?

After statistical analysis by Google of, when an engineer is making algorithm changes versus RankBrain which uses machine learning and AI, they found that RankBrain produces 10% more accurate results than the engineers. For that reason, Google is constantly shifting and improving RankBrain.

Here are my 4 SEO Tips Hack Google RankBrain

RankBrain SEO Hack #1:

Google RankBrain do “Split Testing”. As a marketer, you might be familiar with this term in the cases of designing different Landing Pages, Campaign Targeting, etc. In the similar manner, Google is Split testing the Search Results. They analyse which version do users prefer. Most Important factor of analysing a user experience in this case is by measuring the “Sticking Time”. Means, how long a user is sticking to your website which in turns define that your content is valuable to the user and thus provides a great user experience.

The ideal situation for Google in this case will be if the user visited your website/webpage and doesn’t go back to the search to visit another website/webpage for the similar content. For this you must keep your copy of webpage copy fine tuned along with the copy of your Title Tags and Meta Description also.

Meta Description describes the webpage that people are going to be landing on. Thus, if you are using the Keywords like How-To, Easy, Simple, etc. people are much more likely to click.


RankBrain SEO Hack #2:

Embed more Audio and Video Content to improve your “Time on Site” value. Adding videos and audios will definitely help you generate more view on YouTube and Podcasts listeners but more to that, this will get people more engaged to your website content.

Longer the time on your website by users, Higher the chances to be on the top searches by Google.


RankBrain SEO Hack #3:

Improve the user experience by proving the content on your website instead of just providing links to other websites. This is NOT just about the keyword density but about proving actual value to the user to ultimately provide a better user experience.

Imagine you are looking for Fresh Apples. You went to the supermarket and found apples of the quality standard you are looking for. You don’t have to go to the other marketplace to look for the better quality. Saves your time and makes you happy. This is what Google wants from you. Keep Fresh Apples. So truly focus on your user experience.


RankBrain SEO Hack #4:

Keep your websites on Monthly Checks. Don’t just adjust your text and rest after few clicks you got. Even the high authority domains like Forbes, Business Insider, etc. doesn’t just pop up on Top. So, keep on working and move step ahead.


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For any questions please drop your comments and I would love to discuss it with you.

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